social guidelines for open communities

November 11, 2010

Some time ago, I read a paragraph on the book “Producing Open Source Software“, by Karl Fogel, explaining the need to write down conventions and agreements that have become essential for daily life in an open source community. In this way, people joining your community at a later point can quickly grasp its folklore and […]


Oracle is missing the Summer sun

August 10, 2010

The Illumos announcement, aired last August 3, may be the soap of this Summer. But it can also be the starting point of a story that will leave a memorable footprint in open source software. And that is not because of the project itself, which is cool. It is not because it shows some interesting […]


The private side of public data

April 7, 2010

No, this is not just a play on words. So far, I’ve collected some background examples to illustrate this apparent contradiction: public data on the Internet may be not so public. To be more precise, data privacy rights and other interests from some companies can play a major role in this problem. As a researcher […]


Reproducible research

March 20, 2010

As a resarcher focused on quantitative anlyses of on-line communities, I need to keep up-to-date on the field. I have to read papers and articles, written by other colleagues and scholars on related topics. I must search for new methods and algorithms to cut out execution times, and finish before the next deadline. I have […]